Like it or not, the world of to "IT Services" is entering a new phase...

Why You Need To Understand

In fact, the business model you’ve worked so hard to build is about to become extinct.

And everything you THOUGHT youknew about running and growing a profitable IT services firm is about to be turned upside down and change forever!

Like it or not, the world of “IT Services” is entering a new phase…

And what’s driving it is a technological revolution that is not only going to affect the way people use information and technology, but also the way in which it is purchased, consumed and supported.

This revolution is cloud computing; and although it’s been around for awhile now certain recent initiatives from companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are causing it to come to a head and reach what Malcolm Gladwell describes as a “Social Epidemic” in his book The Tipping Point.

We want you to understand what this change is, how it is going to affect every IT services firm now and in the future and, most importantly, what you need to do right now to make sure you get to be one of the few who actually capitalizes on the HUGE revenue opportunities that are presenting themselves today.

This truly is history in the making for the IT industry…and if you are paying attention to what the industry leaders are doing, you can see this is more than a “Sea Change” but a tsunami this is about to hit fast and hard.

But don’t take our word for it… Let me share with you a few insights from industry leaders that will further validate what I am sharing with you.

TechTarget recently polled companies of all sizes across a variety of different industries and found a whopping 70% are planning on implementing cloud computing initiatives this year (2018.)

Cloud computing will lead to a 15 percent to 25 percent decrease in channel partners within the next five years as more end-customers turn to their vendors for cloud technologies and services, leaving their partners behindForrester Research

According to a Google blog post, over 35 million users, not just home users, but big businesses like Jaguar, Land Rover, National Geographic, Capgemini and SalesForce (and more) are using their platform.

Microsoft is (and has been) investing the majority of its resources into cloud computing, and has been building massive data centers in preparation for the demand they anticipate.

But here’s the scary part…
Once these big companies perfect their offering (and they will) it’s going to be a losing battle to try and get business owners to write YOU big, fat checks for new servers, workstations and the support required to maintain it all.

That business model will die…
Just like on premise phone systems did with the proliferation of VOIP, and movie rentals with the invention of “on demand” movies through Netflix and Amazon.

And if all of this has you a bit concerned, it should. Right now, you are standing on the cusp of a massive industry change and you have a choice to make…

You can choose to continue to do business as usual and sit and watch your IT services business dry up as you lose business to those offering cloud computing solutions, or… You can decide to do something about it.

But you can’t delay…this change is happening FAST, and this is not “the sky is falling” hype.

And our guess is you’re freaked out, but you’ll be excited about what’s going on.

The big question you should be asking is …



Introducing Cloud Computing Blueprint

The Cloud Computing Blueprint is a Five Step Plan for CEOs, CFOs, Solution Engineers, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals.  It’s designed to build your business, financial and sales plans first.  Then train your sales and marketing teams on a proven Go-To-Market Roadmap.  A prerequisite is our recommended IaaS / DaaS platform by the industry’s most recommend cloud service providers.  Combined with Peer Group collaboration, Ongoing Coaching by industry veterans and an Online Dashboard for Monitoring and Managing Growth.

Cloud Computing Blueprint Details

5 Simple Steps to Build Your Cloud MRR to $100K and more!

Foundational Blueprint

Step 1

Industry leaders start you out with 30 days of foundational training including creating your written business plan, operational plan and financial plan.  Along with designing a compensation plan designed to incentivize success.

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Packaging & Bundling Model
  • Sales Compensation Modeler
  • Market Pricing and Packing on solutions selling today
  • Content & Tool Library with 125 tools and content available!

Build a Strategic Framework in preparation For your Go To Market Blueprint.

Go-To-Market Blueprint

Step 2

Predictable Cloud Sales & Marketing Blueprint with on-going Peer-Group Coaching

  • Implement the Direct Response Marketing System
  • Elevates You as a TRUE LEADER & Business Consultant
  • Assessment & Qualification Tools & Techniques
  • Plug and Play Costing Calculator
  • TCO Analysis Closing Tools
  • Managed Cloud Contracts Template!
  • Weekly coaching to keep you on track!

Build a powerful lead generation system backed with sales and

closing skills you cannot get anywhere else!

Infrastructure Blueprint

Step 3

Build a Virtual Datacenter that is Cisco Certified, Always On, HIPAA-PCI-SOC Compliant, Backed by a 100% Written SLA and Guaranteed 60 Second NOC (US Based) Response 24x7x365.

  • ​​​​Proof of Concept platform with no long-term commitment
  • Create a testing / demo environment for this coaching class environment
  • reate a testing / demo environment
  • Build a VM (1 vCPU, 4GB RAM, 100GB Storage) for ONLY $42 including Server OS!
  • Walk into new client meetings SPORTING your HTML Cloud Desktop (your cost $28)
  • Deliver a Cisco Certified Cloud - 100% SLA – Always On – NEVER DOWN
  • Be the envy of ALL your customers & prospects
  • Grow your new Cloud Computing Practice while protecting your core business
  • Weekly coaching to keep you on track!

Your customers want to know that you’re using the same solutions you recommend to them.

Launch Blueprint

Step 4

Conduct a “Mini-Launch” to Convert a Select Group of Current Customers

  • Rolled out as a “beta” offering for a discount in exchange for feedback and testimonials
  • Carefully documenting the “Before” and “After” to develop your Case Studies
  • All you need is one really good case study to launch, but 5-10 are better!
  • Iron out the kinks and smooth your delivery process
  • Build confidence in your offering
  • Rollout to the rest of your house list and beyond
  • Weekly coaching to keep you on track!

Build a $100K MRR Managed Cloud Practice in record time!

Monitor & Manage Dashboard

Step 5

SaaS Online Dashboard for tracking core activities and to ensure your success.

  • A Powerful Online Platform to Monitor and Manage Your Business
  • Interactive Financial Calculator
  • Interactive Business Modeling Tool
  • Cloud Computing Decision Support Module
  • Gap Impact Analyzer
  • Sales Compensation Impact Analyzer
  • Ensure investments made result in desired outcome
  • Weekly coaching to keep you on track!

If you can’t monitor it, you can’t manage it.

What our customers are saying:

Build a "Managed Cloud" recurring revenue model...

This training provided us with the assessment, analysis and direction we needed to create the foundational elements of a strong subscription-based recurring revenue business model that helped us accelerate our cloud revenue

PAUL CRONIN  //  Partner & Executive VP, Atrion Networks

Uncovered gaps that hinder your ability to quickly ramp cloud revenue…

Pinnacle was founded with the vision to create a solid subscription-based revenue model.  This training enabled validation of our core business capabilities and uncovered some gaps that would have hindered our ability to quickly ramp cloud revenue

ETHAN SIMMONS   //  Managing Partner, Pinnacle Technology Partners

Meet Your Coaches ​

Coached by Industry Professionals

For Industry Professionals

Jerry Clark

Founder – Sales, Marketing and IaaS Coach

George Mellor

Partner – Business, Operational and Financial Coach

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5 Simple Steps to...

Build Your Cloud MRR to
$100K and more!




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Jerry Clark

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